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Have you ever joined the company of your dreams, showed up for work on the first day and be completed disappointed by the onboarding experience? Have you ever sat in sessions that bombarded you with slide after slide on company culture, information, benefits, etc., all in the name of getting you to hit the ground running?

We have designed this app that lets your employers start engaging you immediately after you sign the offer. Whether you plan to take a break in between the two jobs or serve notice period for your previous employer, this app helps you get connected to your future employer immediately. Some key features include the following:
· You can start providing data that your employer needs to set you up in various systems, generate your email, plan for your business cards, prepare for issuance of various tools (laptop, phone, etc.). All this and more so you get all the help you need to succeed from day one.
· Every organization has their own unique story to tell in order to attract talented people. Not every part of that story is shared during the interview process. Through videos and text, you get to hear parts of the story that are reserved for employees only. The app allows you to experience this before your first joining day. This may include welcome messages from the CEO and other leaders, culture videos (on topics such as way of work, corporate values, etc.), brand videos that highlight the commercial nature of the business, heath, safety and environment videos to educate you on HSE culture, key messages on ethics and compliance.
· The app also serves as a platform to get your agreement to critical governing documents, such as the code of conduct.

Real conversation begins after you decide to join the organization. Get the best out of your onboarding experience. Download the app today.